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Wonderful messages here. Perfectly explains my deep hatred of politicians. Republican. Democrat and otherwise.
Screaming about immigrant children who are being “ripped from the arms of their mothers,” but having no qualms about the babies mothers are ripping from their own wombs. No, I take no official stance on abortion, it a very confusing and troubling issue for some women but in general it falls under live and let live.
Why hasn’t Black Lives Matter moves into the streets of Chicago and instituted change? Because don’t wanna get shot! Then they couldn’t rattle their sabres and beat their chests over made up statistics.
What is really at play here? Politicians holding out agendas that instill fear in voters in order to retain or regain power. That. Is. It.
I’ve wanted a businessman in the White House for two decades. Someone who has not favors to repay, hell, he paid everyone in advance by donating to their campaigns (insert every lying, thieving, money-grubbing political w#}**¥!).
Finally, a President who puts our citizens, our CURRENT legal immigrants first. Why is it so hard to turn a deaf ear to the hysterics of the far left? Or politics in general? You don’t need a politician to lead you by the nose to know right from wrong. If you do you might should think about sitting down with a piece of paper and prioritize.
The reason I LOVE this President is because he’s even rooted out the hypocrisy of the Republican party and made me see them for the joke they are. I’m simply a fiscally conservative person who is socially liberal (to an extent and that extent does not include broken social programs, putting other countries before our own, favoring women over men, favoring illegal immigrants over our own veterans, love for all nations before our own, embracing ANY culture of ideology supporting the mutilation or suppression of women, ANY political or social agenda designed to take from the rich and give to the poor).