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Breakfast Tacos

1 lb. ground beef (I use 90/10)

This is optional- one entire package of hot Italian sausage- Jimmy Dean or the like is fine

Simply Potatoes hash browns (they have a few varieties and shapes of breakfast potatoes so pick the one you prefer- another option is to use canned, diced, new potatoes- but these are not as fresh)

Eggs to taste- I say this because I prefer fake eggs and less egg than meat

Your favorite salsa

Your favorite tortillas (I prefer whole wheat made at Central Market- yum)



Garlic powder

Ground cumin

Sour cream

Mixed, grated cheese

Sliced jalapenos


I use Pam in the bottom of a large saute pan (but cooking oil can be used for a crispy hash brown). Brown the hash browns, add the beef and or sausage or both.

Some people prefer crispy hash browns- if this is the case, brown your hash browns to crispy and then set them aside to mix in at the last moment.

Brown the meat- to it add salt, pepper and garlic- and a fair amount of cumin. I go heavy on the salt and the cumin- but all seasonings should be to taste.

Add the eggs and mix until the eggs are thoroughly cooked.

Warm the tortillas and place in a tortilla warmer or on a towel in between two plates. Put the meat, egg and potato mixture in a large bowl.

The salsa, sour cream, cheese and jalapenos are accompaniments. YUMMM. This is the perfect brunch meal for game day.

Make the taco pie from previous posts- Texas caviar and the cottage cheese dip and you have yourself a PARTY. Don’t forget the mimosas from yesterday’s post and BEER. Lots and lots of BEER. Yum.