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OK, Clever Tribe- it’s time to start putting our heads together and sell some books. As you know, my first novel, “Consumed,” is available for presale on It can be purchased now but will be shipped mid-December.

I want to reward those of you who are loyal readers of Clever, and/or your family members and friends. So, I am going to run a contest.

This is how it will work: If you or anyone you know is getting married in December of 2010 or in any month in 2011- this is something you want to get involved in.



  1. You have to become a fan of Clever Girl on Facebook. I’ll cross check your name with your e-mail.
  2. You have to e-mail me at and tell me the bride and groom’s names, and the date and location of the wedding. After this, I will return the e-mail and give you a contest code. This number will allow me to keep track of all your entries.
  3. Refer all your friends and relatives (hell, everyone on your invite list, co-workers etc. …) to where they will read and comment daily between now and the 31st of October. They will begin each comment with your order code.
  4. You (bride or groom) and all of your referrals must then purchase “Consumed” at and e-mail your receipt to use your contest code in the subject line. When your friends, family members and co-workers order “Consumed” from they have to forward the receipt with your contest code in the subject line (this will be your proof of purchase to be added to the bride’s total count).
  5. So, to recap. In order to qualify for the contest you must become a fan of Clever Girl on FB (encourage all your friends and family members to do the same)- e-mail me and introduce yourself- give me all the details pertinent to your wedding (or your sister’s wedding or you mother’s wedding- whom ever you are supporting). Every day, all of your people need to log onto, read the blog and leave comments. All comments have to begin with your contest code so I can add it to your profile. Each person who buys “Consumed” between now and the 31st of October will give you another chance to win. All receipts from need to be e-mailed tosoveryclevergrl@gmail.comwith your contest code in the subject line.



In case you didn’t know, I am a professional photographer as well. I have been shooting weddings all over the world for 13 years and simply LOVE it. You can preview my wedding website at At the end of October, I will be offering the person who has followed the rules and referred the most people to Clever Girl and whose “team” has purchased the most copies of “Consumed” wedding photography any where in the country free of charge. Now, this is a $7,000 value. It will include me photographing your wedding for seven hours (continuous time) and giving you a disc of all the images. You will own them and therefore be able to do with them as you wish. I will handle all my own travel expenses.

As an added bonus- anyone in Dallas who refers one hundred people (each referral must also buy “Consumed”) will be eligible for an engagement or family sitting (all images on disc). Within one hour from Dallas proper.

So, tell all of your friends who are getting married!! I’m really excited to do this- and thank you so much for your continued support.