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First of all, that is a STUPID term. Hater. However, I will tell you, I became as close to being a “hater” as I could on Sunday. We were in church, and it happened to be family day so our two eldest were in “big church” with us.

Our daughter left briefly and returned with two children’s bibles from the lobby. One for herself and one for her brother. She tried to follow along and our son sat surprisingly still for forty minutes listening to a sermon I found difficult to access.

However, in the next set of seats, one row in front of us were four young girls- I’d say 8 or 9th grade taking selfies (another idiotic term). As if the entire situation weren’t rude enough, they were making those absurd faces and throwing pseudo-gang signs.

I know, I know, we all think the next generation is going to hell on a greased rail and that is what our parents thought about us, but I truly think there is something to it this time. The old idiot box was the TV which we watched sparingly in my generation because there was sooooo much else to do. There is no doubt, the new idiot box is the phone and the new idiots are those whose parents would allow them to become such rude and narcissistic young people.

I wanted to walk over there and ask who their parents were so I could request their children leave the service so I could pay attention without their distraction. Now, don’t get me wrong, my children seem obsessed with media and their phones, however, they would NEVER do something so outrageous as act a fool in “big church.”

Is nowhere sacred? I guess not, except of course sanctuary cities and universities. Well, I am officially asking for sanctuary from entitled, narcissistic, spoiled, rude children. Where is my safe space away from this? My home I guess because I can barely take ten paces without running smack into someone taking an absurd selfie and stopping foot traffic, blocking passage in a store or nearly causing a wreck. Refer to the story about an underage girl who was driving topless, with an open container in the car who drove into the back of a police car while taking a selfie.

Does no one care about the fact they represent a family? Or, is there no family honor anymore? Would their parents even see a problem with them behaving that way in church, a store, or heck, school? Believe me, if this is what they are doing with phones in church, you can guarantee what they are doing with them behind closed doors.

Parents, get a grip now or keep your peace when you start wondering where it all went wrong. It started when YOU allowed your child/ren to think they are the center of the universe. We regularly use the term “it’s not all about you.” Try it.