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Anyone who knows me knows I’m highly resistant to the “pound sign” movement, but, I can’t beat it, so I’ll just use it and continue to call it a “pound sign” until all phone trees capitulate to these demands as well.
Here is a fact. If you can’t remember clearly what transpired in a situation, you likely should come forward with it until you can piece the puzzle together.  It’s just the right thing to do.
Heck, #iremember vividly the incidents in my past and feel I had culpability in the situations because I made poor decisions. I was naive. I ignored flags so red they were on FIRE. Is it right for a man to hurt or abuse anyone? No. Is it right for a woman to hurt or abuse anyone? No.

Did I share? Not for a long time. Did I call authorities? No. Would I share the experiences if I felt someone else might be in danger? Yes and I have. Would I write a letter to a Senator or go to the authorities? Authorities. In going to a Senator, it became political instead of criminal. That is where this situation went off the rails.
Juanita Broaddrick not only remembers what happened to her, she has enough details to write an entire book. Judge K has detailed journals detailing his life (sexual assault and gang rape likely would have made the highlight reel).
PhD Ford has NOTHING other than vague recollections.
Where was this outrage when Bill Clinton’s accusers were coming forward in numbers only overshadowed by Harvey Weinstein’s?
Monica’s DNA sample proved Clinton lied on and off the stand. Monica was called, “that woman.” PhD Ford has NOTHING and is being vaunted as a “hero.”
The frothing at the mouths of Dems seems a little more than a LOT politically motivated than justice for Ford or victims of domestic violence. Just ask Karen Monahan. She’s not getting a lot of traction on her accusations of abuse at the hands of a Democrat. As a matter of fact, her allegations “lacked credibility.”
How exactly do the Corrupt Democrats in Congress determine who is a victim and who isn’t?  Oh, that’s right, it has to align with their political agenda.
As a side note, most people mature beyond high school. If we were all judged based on the decisions we made in high school … WHOA. Or even college. We go to high school and college so we DO mature and become responsible adults.