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Ok, Clever Tribe- one of the most Clever Guys I know, Geoff (nickname also CG, stands for Cool Geoff- not self-proclaimed but earned in college for being, well, cool)- seems to have a problem with my breakfast taco recipe from yesterday and I am anticipating his grievance- use chorizo instead of sausage. I have a good reason for not doing so- I abhor chorizo. If you like it- use it. This is a matter of being Clever. If you like chorizo- and you are making something with the word “taco” in it- substitute chorizo for sausage. Fair enough, CG? Or are you going to give me a hard time for suggesting store-bought salsa? OK- for game day and New Year’s Day- here is a quick and easy homemade salsa recipe pirated from El Azteco in East Lansing, Mich. I must tell you- even though I paid $50 for this recipe- it doesn’t taste the same. Either way- my bastardized version is below-

El Az Salsa

Large can of diced tomatoes (drained for thicker salsa)

Two large jalapenos- rinsed and cut in half

1/2 white onion-coarsely chopped

1 bunch of cilantro- rinsed

sea salt


garlic powder

black pepper

In a food processor- puree the tomatoes. Add a liberal amount of salt, a dash of garlic powder, black pepper and a more liberal amount of cumin.

Set mixture aside in a large bowl.

Add a small handful of cilantro, both jalapenos and the onion to food processor and process until it is almost like a roux- thick but not liquidy.

Combine- enjoy with chips.

I suppose CG (Geoff) would propose you cut homemade corn tortillas in quarters and fry them yourself. I prefer to get a bag of baked chips from Whole Foods.

Is it time to discuss Mike Leach? No. There is nothing to say- abuse of power? Likely. Tech’s way of getting out of a nearly $1 million bonus? Likely. Did he put the wrong kid in an equipment shed? For certain. Why don’t you just slap Dan Patrick’s daughter across the face? Have mouth- have platform- will use it- someone is going to get hurt. Hmmm.

Also received an e-mail yesterday from a reader asking for an alternative to serving chili to her guests tomorrow. She is from Michigan and it’s freaking cold- so, I am going to give you my favorite recipe for goulash. We Northerners are big on things served in a bowl- steaming hot with warm bread. Yum.

Goulash for Game Day

Two large cans of diced tomatoes- if you can find the ones that have the Italian spices added already- get them. Make sure you don’t inadvertently get the ones with green chilies or you will have an interesting Southwesty goulash.

I use 1 lb. of 90/10 ground beef- but for those who prefer meaty, hearty, meaty, meaty- use more. If you prefer tomatoey to meaty- add another can of tomatoes.

1 large white onion


olive oil

garlic powder


3/4 can of water

Elbow macaroni- or whole wheat fusilli (my fave)

Open tomatoes and put them in a large soup pot on medium heat. Add water. Add a generous amount to sea salt, garlic powder and oregano.

Coarsely chop the onion and saute in a splash of olive oil. Once they are well cooked- transparent but not burned- add to the tomato mixture.

Brown ground beef and drain- add to tomato mixture. Simmer for a couple hours- stir and make sure it’s covered so you do not lose your liquid.

Taste- it should be evident there is salt in there- if it is not- add some- it really heightens the flavors.

Prepare pasta in water and serve goulash over the pasta. Not as much as you would use for pasta- there should be more goulash than pasta.

Warm a loaf of French or Italian bread and yum. Serves a lot of people and isn’t CHILI.

OK- I must go- have family descending.

Have a safe and wonderful evening- let’s put this b*&^h of a year to bed. No looking back. I’ll shout at you tomorrow with some thoughts I have on resolutions for the NEW year.