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Ok, Clever Girls- here is the second installment of gift ideas for your Clever Guys.Traditionally, women are better gift buyers than men- but they tend to have an advantage- they like to shop. So, do some research, know your guys and put some thought into finding the perfect gifts.

The Adventurer

While this is a really expensive gift- it might also be a once in a life-time opportunity for most men and will be cherished. At the Bondurant High Performance Driving School in Phoenix, AZ- your guy will get two to three days of drive time with certified instructors. Almost eighty perfect of the time he spends at Bondurant will be spent behind the wheel taking cues from some of the top high performance driving professionals in the country. The school runs five days a week year round, so you are able to plan ahead and save for such a luxury. This course will run you $1700 to $3500 depending on the length of the class.

If your dude is a really crappy driver, this is money well spent for two reasons, the most important of which is that you are paying someone else to confirm this fact and he might actually learn something. This way you will not fear for your life each time he takes the wheel.

If he already has a Porsche, Ferrari or BMW, these carmakers have courses, which teach you how to drive their cars to optimize your experience. This is a more tailored approach and he will be bragging about you to the guys until you trump it with pilot’s training.

The Homebody

Enhancing this guys surroundings are so easy with Lawrence Essentials, a modern design company known for their unique craftsmanship in resin. Vases, gorgeous serving pieces, furniture and outrageous sinks. You can order on line at www.lawrenceessentials.comwhere you must register and download a catalogue and pricing. Or, more conveniently

Ross Vintage Poster Gallery is a trove for wall art in myriad sizes and styles. This is the type of adornment, which gets a lot of attention for it’s nostalgic feel and classic chic. The interests of virtually every man can be captured here- war and military, food and alcohol, chocolate and sports. Prices range from $200 to $6,000 and the will need to be mounted and framed. Call a local art gallery for mounting

Clever Kitchen Guy

Love, love, love this- professional martini maker by Waring Pro. Perfect shaken or stirred martinis every time. available for about $45.00 or on Pretty soon I will be unveiling the recipe for James Bond’s favorite martini- this will impress him whether he is a fan of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce or Daniel Craig.

The Sportsman

I have found a gun I must have and it won’t be long. The Beretta Neos Inox 22 is an ideal target shooting gun- with a long barrel for superior accuracy. No man will consider this a defense weapon for the home or otherwise as there is no stopping power- it is a “for fun” gun only. Despite it’s unique two tone silver and black finish, it comes in at a shockingly low price point under $400.00. A small price to pay for your Rock Star status among the guys for this Clever Gift.

If he doesn’t normally target shoot- do some research in your area and find one with an indoor or outdoor range. I prefer outdoor due to the noise reduction and remember- do not invite yourself to go.

If he already owns a Berretta gun, Beretta offers some fabulous gift items for the gun enthusiast. I especially like the laser gun grip for their handguns. This will definitely get an intruder’s attention if the sound of the slide going back doesn’t bid them to make a hasty retreat. I also like the pool cue and the glassware. Check out for a bevy of Clever gift ideas.

The Athlete for runners is a personal motivational and coaching device. You can use a Nike Plus enabled device such as iPod or iPhone and the equipment measures your distance, pace, time and calories burned and even has a preset stimulating song for that extra burst of energy if your workout is lagging a bit. All this information is downloaded to your computer via a USB port and tracked over time. On line you can log in to set goals and connect with other members of the Nike Plus community. If you run without music, there is a wrist band option.

The Sport Enthusiast

There has never been a better time to procure season or half season tickets to your guy’s favorite sport and team. Due to diminished sales in many cities, several game packages can be purchased lower than you think. Make sure you buy two tickets for each game and do not assume you will be invited. If you absolutely do NOT want to go- make sure you already have plans on those nights- a good time to catch up with your girlfriends to unload all that girl talk you’ve been saving up.

The Fashion-Forward Dude Who has Stuff to Carry is THE location for bags. Your source for no-frills guy bags, backpacks, weekend bags, tote bags and workday bags. Property of bags are decidedly “casual male” and ideal for those who will expose their bags to the elements. There are many designers at work here, so expect a wide variety of materials and styles. I couldn’t think of one man who would be excluded unless he is exclusively a Prada, Gucci or Burberry guy.

Casual Fashions for the Upscale Male

Gucci carries a variety of baseball style hats in signature black and brown- with and without the Italian colored trim. Prada has a huge selection of tennis shoes for the man who gets around down on two legs instead of four wheels. Sharp and classic but sporty options in a wide array of colors.

The Grooming Guy

Jack Black has some of the most luxurious hair and skin care products on the market. For under $50.00 you can purchase a starter kit for your guy to sample. He won’t be disappointed. Some of the more unusual products offered are the Body Rehab Scrub and Muscle Soak in my favorite fragrance, eucalyptus. Yummmm.There is an entire line devoted to hydration during the winter months complete with lip balm and SPF. A full array of shaving products includes one made for those who prefer to use the electric razor. Jack Black is also available at Neiman Marcus or

Just wait until next week! Don’t forget you can email me at and put your email address in the body of your message and I will send you shopping invitations to and where you can shop for deep discounts on some of the above items. Clever Girls DO NOT pay retail.