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Ok- Clever Girls, the taco pie takes five minutes to assemble- if you assemble it early- don’t refrigerate it- if you do refrigerate it, allow time to let it come to room temperature before you put it in the oven. This will encourage even warming. The slaw requires some effort- if you decide to put it together prior to the game, do not add the dressing until one half hour prior to serving.


Start with a pie dish

Coat the bottom with cream cheese

Pour can of chili over the top of the cream cheese

Top with grated cheese

Bake on top rack at 250 until cheese on top is melty but not burned

Serve hot but keep in mind- it is molten lava out of the oven- I actually had someone fling it across the room toward my sink after he popped it into his mouth after I said- Napalm.

This is best with- you guessed it tortilla chips


Whether you are home or at the game- all you need is a grill or an oven. If you are grilling, salt, pepper and garlic both tenderloins and grill them to a perfect 170 degrees. If you are cooking in the oven go with 350- use a meat thermometer and achieve the same temperature. The tenderloin should be sliced thin or shredded- preference of the carver.

If you are taking the meat to the game- slice it and put it in a covered air tight container- it should maintain heat and it is ok to serve it cold.

If you can’t serve warm tortillas- I suggest instead some lavash or wrap for the tacos- nothing worse than a cold tortilla. You can warm them on a grill over indirect heat- or put them in tin foil and put them on the grill to warm.


In a large bowl- combine the following:

Shred at least half a head of the cabbage by cutting it slant ways- shaving it. For those not Clever in the kitchen yet, cut the head in half- cut a pie shape around the core and remove.Remove a few layers of the outside of the head and discard. For the most part- you needn’t wash.

Slice the other half of the peppers and onion you used for the Texas Caviar- unless you doubled the recipe.

Rinse and coarse chop the cilantro

Slice the jalapenos thin- or eliminate for less racy palates


Combine in a large measuring cup-

½ cup of reduced fat mayo

1/3 cup Kraft original or favorite BBQ sauce

1 tablespoon of cider vinegar

a dash of white pepper

1 packet of splenda

If you are using Kraft Original I like to add-

A dash of cayenne

A liberal dash of garlic powder

A dash of chili powder

A teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce

A few dashes of Tabasco

If using your favorite BBQ sauce- leave it unmodified

Blend the dressing and fold into the SLAW

I like to use my hands to make sure it is evenly coated- if you want more moist slaw- add BBQ. If it is too moist for your taste- shave the other half head of cabbage until the desired consistency is reached.

Clever Girls try to use paper plates on game day so they don’t miss a minute of the game.

In a warm tortilla combine the pork and the slaw and ENJOY!