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Ok, Clever Tribe. I apologize for the lateness of this post, but wanted to get these uni-sexy gifts posted before I snuggle up with a good book.

Speaking of snuggling up- doesn’t a cashmere blanket or throw sound like bliss- in front of the fire with a glass of wine and some great conversation with the Clever person of your choice? Zambaiti specializes in the finest Merino lambs wool and blends. Keeping in mind, there is a huge price difference between cashmere and a blend (just like single malt scotch and a blend)- about ten times.


Clever in the Kitchen

The International Kitchen is a company that plans and executes immersion cooking adventures for singles, groups and couples. Travel to foreign countries to stay with families or attend culinary institutes and completely saturate yourself in the regional culture, language and cuisine. France, Spain and Italy are just a few of the destinations available for year round experiences.

Kissing & Cooking for Couples is a charming cookbook by Kim Reutzel and is available onAmazon and in popular bookstores. I myself really enjoy Giada De Laurentiis- not only are her recipes authentic, and delicious, her books features amazing photography of the chef and her family. I find it to be one of the most lovely cookbooks on the market.

If your area has a Junior League- they generally put together a cookbook with local and regional recipes and the photographs are absolutely gorgeous. This book is the perfect gift for any foodie and supports, in part, the charities the Junior League works with.


Gadgets Galore

I am intrigued by the iTouch– it’s basically a pocket sized laptop. Stunning the options available to us- so easy to disconnect with people. This little number has internet capability- check and send email, update your face book status, play video games, watch movies or listen to music. Remarkable.

While I am obsessed with paper, not just the fact you can write on it, but the way it feels in my hands, the smell and even the taste of it, not everyone is as enamored. For everyone else, KINDLE. This Clever item from Amazon comes in two sizes- both of which are smaller and lighter than the average paperback book. One major benefit I see here is you have access to 360,000 books within sixty seconds as they can be downloaded wirelessly.However, no matter where I am- the process of selecting a new book is as exciting as grocery shopping. I love to linger over covers, titles, read the synopsis- discover a new author or delight in seeing a new title by an old favorite. The smaller Kindle holds up to 1,500 books and the larger one 3,500 books. I am not sure what the point of this is- as I only re read my favorite books (Pet Semetery, The Shining and Christine) once per year.Further, what would this mean to my library and collection?

Now, I am going to continue to remind you of the importance of bringing a host/ess gift and give you options for clients, vendors or associates. These are tough gifts, but relying of companies who have achieved rock star status with their branding really elevates a gift. For example- someone walking through the door with a Neiman Marcus bag, a Tiffany & Co. bag or box, Jo Malone or Kiehl’s will most assuredly be well received.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone has the following gift items available during the holiday season-

Cologne collection includes 6 different all natural uni-sexy fragrances for $95.00.

Candle collection features 6 miniature candles in a variety of fragrances for $85.00.

Bath oil collection offers 6 fragrances for $85.00.

A pine and eucalyptus candle for $65.00, 3 soaps in the same fragrance for $50.00 and bath oil for $60.00.

Jo Malone goes the extra mile with the external packaging as well so regardless how small the gift gesture, the presentation is part of the pomp and circumstance.

Tiffany & Company

Despite what you might think- this company has some of the most reasonable gift items for the holiday season on the market. For example, two Champagne flutes or Red wine glasses for $30.00- complete with the robin’s egg blue box and bag. They offer a number of different crystal ornaments for $30.00. I love, love, love the Elsa Peretti red crystal heart paper weight (I don’t use my for paper, but have it on my desk to gaze at) $65.00. The classic Tiffany blue porcelain box for $75.00.

Neiman Marcus

The annual Neiman Marcus snow globe is available for $85.00 and is a lovely tradition to begin with a close friend or as a newlywed couple.

I absolute adore the Gem martini glasses. They are stemless- pink gems adorn the bottoms and each has a stirrer encrusted with pink gems. A pair are $48.00 and come nestled in a white Neiman Marcus box. Simply perfect for the woman in your life who enjoys a good stiff drink.

Not to be overlooked are the hundreds of ornaments available at Neiman Marcus. My parents buy me one every single year and my tree is growing with great energy and panache! They fit into most every budget and will be packaged to perfection in the holiday Neiman’s bag.

Ok, that is all for me today. It’s been a huge day in sports! Weis is out- finally. Bowden agreed to retire (he must have read my post)- now I only have to worry about who will head to Notre Dame. I plan to cover NBA penalties before the week is up- we need a last Heisman recap before the fifth, and you can count on a wedding discussion. Starting next week- it is time to go big with the National Hockey League!