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Clever Girls- are you bored yet? Don’t quit on me now! This is it. The last day and it isn’t even educational. Below you will find ways to dazzle your guys with talk of hot coals, grill marks, medium rare plus, fire, heat and of course ways to lure him in. If you questions about cuts of red meat- check out the post in Clever In the Kitchen about MEAT and dining in steakhouses. One of the most Clever Guys I know, Tom Walters guided me through the critical items women MUST know when it comes to both.

Let’s Talk Grilling.
It’s so easy to impress a man with talk of food, but what is more impressive to a man is a woman who ENJOYS cooking, will cook for him and, ta-da, knows not only how to operate a grill, but owns one.

If you end up speaking to a man who is enthusiastic about grilling- ask what type of grill he uses and why? Inquire about the Big Green Egg, even if you have never used one or eaten food prepared with one. It shows your interest as being more vast than just throwing a piece of chicken on the grill.
Ask him if he has ever used an electric charcoal iron and what he thinks? Admit you have a difficult time burning off all ofthe lighter fluid (even if you don’t- he will delight in offering tips). The more you can appear informed, even if this doesn’t translate to EXPERIENCE, the more he will realize you are serious about your food preparation. You might HEAR his mouth begin to water.

Announce you regret needing to leave the party so early, but you have a huge cowboy rib-eye (bone in) that needs to find it’s way to the grill. It would actually surprise me if you didn’t look like the Pied Piper on the way home with a trail of hungry men looking to be taken care of.

Most men assume a woman’s idea of grilling means a four ounce piece of organic, free-range chicken breast, so invest some time and energy in researching MEAT. I will be giving up some recipes in coming days- grilled bone-in ribeye, shish kabob and lamb chops. YUMMMM. You can check out the Clever in the Kitchen portion of this blog for a fajita recipe- or and the grilled pork tacos with BBQ slaw. Uh, yum. (That was a voluntary seemingly involuntary utterance- by the way).

Oh, and make sure you sit down and EAT. Don’t pick. Women who EAT are tres sexy.

Remember, Clever Girls are not interested in hoarding the spotlight- we like to learn about the men with whom we are conversing. Interest in him will lead to his interest in you. Once a logical turnstyle scenario is established in your conversation- he will trust you are not self-centered and delight in giving you the floor. Do not take it and jealously guard it- answer his question and inquire of him.

TIP: If a man offers to “man” the grill, decline, set him up with a beverage and offer him a seat or invite him to join you while you wow him with your grill-working wonders. If he insists, let him take over and be sure to tell him you look forward to learning a few things (flattery makes the world go round).

Date Grilling Essentials.
Try to stay upwind so you don’t smell like a smokehouse for the balance of the evening. Pin your hair up in a sexy little topknot if possible until you are finished. Once you finish eating, slip into a new shirt if you fear you smell a bit meaty. Leave the dishes for later, or let him help if he offers.
If you’ve dated long enough to take a quick shower following dinner- fantastic. Make sure you have already selected a post-shower outfit so you do not keep him waiting and wondering. Let’s be aware and Clever by respecting the time and space of others.
I do plan to give you my sacred salmon recipe tomorrow. It is oft requested, but I am Clever in redirecting the conversation. Despite inquiries for my lasagna recipe, I am not at liberty to reveal it- the Big H (my mother) would have a cardiac episode.