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Who needs Barnum & Bailey or theater. We have the US Congress!
The time has come for me to speak about this Kavanaugh issue. I don’t know a woman who has not found herself in a compromising position with a man. Often, the circumstances arise from poor planning, poor decision making, or by being defenseless. Regardless of the circumstances, men have an obligation NOT to prey on women. Good men do not, men of poor character do.
To be CLEAR, sexual aggression and rape are not about attraction but power. Men who victimize women sexually do so to exert power. As a matter of fact, for many, the power they feel in the position of power is more satisfying than the actual act of sex or even climax.
This is why so many victims are never actually raped.
Men who show sexual aggression toward women, don’t do it once and then never again. It is a pattern of behavior that manifests itself in many aspects of a man’s life. They tend to demean women domestically, professionally and socially.
If there were three “victims” of Judge Kavanaugh, there would be more … see Harvey Weinstein as a guide. Yet, on the flip side, Judge Kavanaugh has women in DROVES defending him. A predator might be able to convince or pay a few women to come forward, but this is clearly a man who makes it his practice not to demean, marginalize, or even diminish women in anyway.
As to why or why not a woman would not confide her attack, that is a highly personal decision. I’m not saying Dr. Ford wasn’t the victim of some type of unwanted sexual encounter, I do believe she might be as unsure about whom it was who “attacked” her as she is where and when it might have occurred.
Women have some responsibility as well for their own safety. Drinking too much, passing out and realizing you’ve been raped is a tragedy … one that can be and should be avoided.
Not all men act with the reverence that should be shown to others, knowing that should be enough information to safe guard against situations where one might fall into harm’s way.
I happen to know from personal experience, men who sexually prey on women do it every chance they get. I actually have former friends who, if someone accused them of such a thing, I would say, “I can see that happening.” Hence, former.
All this to say, Judge Kavanaugh has been a powerful man for decades and if he were a womanizer and/or a sexual predator, there would be clues. There would be credible victims and witnesses. Bones would be rolling out of the closet and it wouldn’t be surprising if someone said he’d come home with a dead hooker in his trunk.
This situation goes hand in hand with the woman who cries decades of physical abuse at the hand of her husband but has NO medical records, no police records, no visits to the doctor, no person in the sphere of her life who has been told, consulted or listened to any such complaints/ fears.
Go with common sense and not an agenda. I promise you this, I wouldn’t care WHO this allegation had been levied against, I’d still feel the same. Bill Clinton had a long and storied past as well did JFK with regard to womanizing and in the case of Bill Clinton, rape and unwanted advances and heck, I’ll throw him a bone, WANTED, yet inappropriate, advances.
There is nothing a victim can see more clearly than someone who was not victimized. I will also say, I could, recount a very frightening and abusive situation convincingly and with conviction and simply insert a different name. I could roll tears and show angst, fear and terror, because the situation DID happen, but not at the hands of the person I accuse. Right situation, wrong person.
Smoke. Fire. There is no smoke. There is no fire.